Is joking about the world wide debt helping politicians attact people to voting for them?

Debt has left everyone with a sour taste in their mouths. So when the world financial crisis is used as a joke by politicians, they can be certain to not be elected.

People in general are just tired of the whole current financial scenario. While the bankers got to be saved by their countries’ respective central banks, the common people were allowed to burn and file for bankruptcy. They lost their houses, their cars, their jobs and their whole life in general just became ruins.

Financial CrisisThe whole debt seemed to be purposely designed to make everyone’s life worse. That is the case when you see that president Barack Obama’s approval rate has fallen in the US. Worldwide that is also epidemic, with government officials facing great criticism by their voters and general public.

Newcomers to the politician realm that seek to establish themselves and get voted must then denounce the current financial crisis. Debt must be treated seriously and with all diligent respect since many families worldwide were hurt and will still feel the consequences of such bad finances for years to come. People don’t want to hear jokes but rather want to hear solutions. They want to see their country’s debtdiminish bellow national GDP. They want to see more jobs created and a booming economic growth for years to come.

Also, it seems very obvious that people in general are expecting that their politicians will go back to investing in areas that are much needed by the overall population. These include education, health programs and the job market. Once people have their lives back, they will certainly feel better to feel humorous and play and watch television programs and so on. Life may seem normal but it’s not. It’s certain that the financial crisis is yet to get worse as soon as the new financial shockwaves start to happen again.

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How do politicians use humour to try and influence voting

We’ve all heard of Pavlov’s Classical condition. In behaviorism, psychologists believe that our learning process is greatly influenced by our environment. Thus in classical condition, we learn via associating an environmental stimulus and a naturally occurring response or stimulus. For example a dog that is fed everyday right after a high pitched bell is rung will soon learn to associate that high pitch with food. Thus every time the bell rings, the dog will start salivating and expecting food. Don’t worry, we are not here for a psychology lesson. The reason classical conditioning comes up is because humour is one of the techniques used by people who are well versed in the language of persuasion. Examples of such people would involve politicians among various other public figures.Political humour

Political humour is a blending of very serious matters that affect our day to day economic wellbeing and…well, humour. There are different sides to this, but lets look at how do politicians use humour to try and influence voting. Everybody likes to laugh, it makes us happy as well as feel good. By using humour, politicians are hoping that:

1. We would associate them with the good, warm feeling that laughter brings thus identifying with them positively.

2. They can make light of the issues plaguing the society, this way we would stop seeing the issues as unsolvable and start seeing the politician as the person who is not fazed by them. Of course some humour is simply used as ‘ice breakers’ to help ease the listeners into the discussion at hand as well as make the politician more relaxed. The effectiveness of the humour greatly depends on the delivery and setting at which it is delivered. This is why people go to great lengths to study the language of persuasion. The flip side of this is that politicians can use political humour to ridicule and diminish their opponents in the eyes of the voters thus making their own chances better of garnering the desperately needed votes. These are just some of the main reasons and ways politicians use humour to influence voting.